Our Clients are Willing to Dig In to Get the Desired Outcomes

The CivicMoxie team works with clients willing to roll up their sleeves to get the desired results.  While we are eager to do the heavy lifting, our clients are our active partners in looking well below the surface of things to understand varied interests, complex regulatory environments, and a range of actors and stakeholders who can contribute to a plan’s success.  Digging in means searching for the best possible understanding of how to move forward, effect positive change and meet goals.  Clients come to us because they understand that achieving desired outcomes depends on knowing the financial, political, social, and regulatory environments in which we work.

Key characteristics of our clients?

  • Eager to become involved and cast a wide net to support the planning team in its active recruitment of businesses, development partners, and funding sources
  • Support for community engagement and active conversations with stakeholders
  • Flexible in approaching challenges and willing to think outside the box to craft solutions
  • Support for uncovering new things midway in the planning process and shifting gears or following new paths to explore exciting possibilities
  • Determined to reach project goals

In Worcester, MA, CivicMoxie founder Susan Silberberg worked as Senior Associate at Community Partners Consultants, Inc. to create a master plan for the newly designated arts district.  Prior to the master planning endeavor, the City embarked on an innovative partnership with ARTSWorcester to create and support the new position of Cultural Development Officer for the City of Worcester.  This new position targeted resources and established credibility.  The establishment of the Cultural Development Office position and City/ARTSWorcester partnership were two critical progressive moves that enabled the planning team to dig into innovative solutions and address tough challenges.   The rezoning of the district for artist work and live/work space, and the planning team’s recommendation that the district be enlarged to encompass a large area of historic warehouse buildings well suited for artist space sparked real estate speculation and land banking that threatened to derail the project and jeopardize affordability for artists and related uses. When the planning team reached out to local community development organizations and affordable housing advocates in the quest to lock in affordability and discourage speculation and unrealistic listing prices, the Cultural Development Officer was able to be an active presence at the table, representing City goals and tools.  She was willing to dig in by bringing other City employees and resources to the table and exploring innovative ways to reach the goals for the district.