Real Estate Planning

Finding the highest and best use for property involves multiple disciplines and skills. Successful real estate endeavors acknowledge that decisions about uses, expected returns, and financing occur within a social/political context that can have great influence on a project. CivicMoxie, in partnership with Urban Focus, combines deep expertise in real estate development and architecture with urban planning, regulatory, and strategic know-how to help clients determine the “highest and best use” of their property while achieving short and long term goals.

Businesses and families develop real estate and undertake property improvements for multiple reasons:

  • To create value/achieve profits
  • To create a place for business to grow and prosper
  • To create a family legacy and preserve wealth
  • To create places that promote vibrant, sustainable and livable communities
  • All of the above

Taking real estate development plans from paper to reality requires an understanding of the physical assets, the social/political context, and necessary collaborators and partners.  In addition, tolerance for risk, expected return (long term/short term), investment criteria, and organizational strengths shape development strategies. These considerations must be balanced with zoning and entitlement, cost estimates, financial analysis, financing plans, and property due diligence.

Strategic planning that encompasses a holistic approach to all of these factors provides a roadmap with clear goals – eliminating indecision, reducing waste, and ensuring control of the process and outcomes when recruiting and evaluating partners. The CivicMoxie/Urban Focus team can add real value by offering a “view” that is outside traditional development silos.  This is particularly important on complex projects that include commercial, housing (market rate or low income), conservation easements, environmental cleanup and/or sustainable development goals.  Our strategic planning services give clients the information they need to know their asset, their organization, and the larger development context around them.  Some of the services we provide include:

  1. Surveying existing assets and tenants/leases
  2. Evaluation the social/political arena
  3. Determining the collaborators and stakeholders
  4. Identifying the best development organizational structure
  5. Assessing family roles, tolerance for risk, short and long term return expectations and investment criteria
  6. Identifying possible advisors and partners

Business goals, family legacy, publicity, philanthropy, future organizational dynamics: no matter what your goals are, we will help you achieve the bottom line in efficient ways. Alignment of client values with real estate goals and development methods is the best approach for achieving the highest and best use that is unique to each project and client.  Businesses clients want to achieve the bottom line in efficient ways that enhance their reputation and provide a competitive edge.  Family clients can have additional goals that include consideration of family legacy, publicity (or avoidance of same), philanthropy, and future governance/organizational dynamics.

CivicMoxie is a planning, urban design and placemaking group that leverages deep experience and spirited collaboration to achieve optimistic goals for clients and communities.

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