Welcome to CivicMoxie!

Welcome to CivicMoxie!

Welcome to the CivicMoxie, LLC blog and website!  CivicMoxie is moving full steam ahead with current projects and reaching out to new clients. We are eager to share our professional experiences and thoughts about our research, writings, and all planning and urban issues through this blog and Twitter.  Check back on our posts for innovative thoughts on current issues.

And in case you may be asking the question…why Moxie?

CivicMoxie is an expression of essential considerations and actions necessary to help people, communities, cities, and businesses thrive in a competitive 21st Century world.  The constant building and care of cities, urban spaces, organizations, and communities can be messy business that involves much more than showing up with the right technical expertise in hand.  It’s about how you do things.  I have committed my life to working collaboratively with people of diverse interests and backgrounds to make things happen.  Great accomplishments take know-how, tenacity, spirit, savvy, courage, and more than a little energy.  Pluck. Grit. Mettle. Esprit. Why use all those words when Moxie covers it all?

CivicMoxie combines decades of team experience in professional practice, urban planning teaching, and theory and research.  Our clients benefit from a whole-world view that facilitates discussions between different disciplinary silos to come to innovative holistic solutions and actions.  This blog will bring all those silos together and address what’s happening in the world and more importantly, what we can do about it.

Stay tuned for the next posts on the marathon bombing and ramifications for public space in Boston, thoughts on placemaking news, and new trends in urban living.  And be prepared for some fun along the way.  I am very committed to my teaching at MIT, my professional work and my research and publications, but I don’t think that precludes joy and laughter.  While setting out to make the world a better place, the CivicMoxie team has a good time (and we think our clients do too).  After all, we are just modeling the spirit of the great cities of the world. “Paris Plages” transforms the Seine into a beach-side resort for a month in summer—a fun urban intervention that mixes historic and elegant with playful and slightly irreverent.  Our office has no sand, nor beach umbrellas but spirits are high and we are engaged in interesting and exciting work with wonderful clients.

Susan Silberberg, AIA, APA
Founder and Managing Director, CivicMoxie, LLC

Photo Source: Mairie de Paris/Anne Thomes